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The DivX codec is based on MPEG-4 video compression standard, designed primarily for video transfer over low to mid bandwidth networks (eg. Internet, WAP ...).

There are in fact 3 major versions of the codec, all name DivX.

The oldest version, a hacked version of Microsoft's MPEG-4 V3 implementation, is often referred to as the "DivX ;-) Codec". The hacked nature of the codec means it's legality has always been in question. The version number used is DivX 3.x.

Project Mayo was an open-source project started to replace DivX ;-) 3.x with a legal, developed from scratch version of the codec.

The work done during Project Mayo allowed DivX for Windows/Linux/Mac/... to be produced. It is a commercial development, with free versions of the codec available for basic playback and encoding, and a paid for version with more advanced features. This version of DivX is current in version 6.x.


DivX Timeline

  • 1998 - Microsoft's MPEG-4 VS codec is hacked by Gej to allow all encoding modes, and released as the "DivX ;-) Codec"
  • April 2000 - DivX ;-) Codec 3.11 Alpha released - this would be the last release of the original "hacked" DivX ;-) Codec
  • January 2001 - DivX Scene Detect Patch released, allowing automated scene detection and keyframe insertion
  • January 2001 - OpenDivX (DivX Deux) made available to the public to signal the release of the first completely legal version of the DivX codec

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