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Digital Digest Folding@Home Logo

Folding@Home allows you to donate your unused computing power to perform complex protein folding in an effort to find cures for diseases such as Alzheimer's Disease, Cancer and Parkinson's Disease.

By installing a small application on your computer, whenever your computer is idle, the unused CPU power will be harnessed to perform these calculations. The performance of your computer is not greatly affected, because the priority of the Folding@Home application is set at low levels and it will simply stop working whenever you start to work on something else.

In addition to helping a good cause, Folding@Home will also provide a good stress test for your CPU (for example, to check if your overclocking is stable).

Digital Digest supports Folding@Home, and our forum members have set up a Folding@Home team, The DVF Grim Rippers, in which you can join and start helping out. As of the 20th of August 2007, the DVF Grim Rippers are ranked in the top 700 of all teams on the Internet, and have contributed more than 2624 work units to the project.

This document will provide an introduction to Folding@Home, with some tips on how you can start folding today.