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HD DVD is a high definition DVD format developed by Toshiba and NEC, and is in competition with Sony's rival Blu-ray format. Please refer to The High Definition DVD FAQ for more information on HD DVD.


Industry Backers

These backers back the HD DVD format exclusively in the HD format war, meaning they will not support Blu-ray in terms of software or hardware:

  • Toshiba
  • Microsoft
  • NEC
  • Intel
  • HP
  • Sanyo
  • RCA
  • Kenwood

There are also supporters of HD DVD that also support Blu-ray, and they include Hitachi Maxell, LG, Lite On, Onkyo, Meridan, Samsung, and Alpine.

Movie Studio Backers

Several movie studios offer exclusive support to HD DVD, meaning they will not release any movies on Blu-ray:

  • Bang Bros (Adult)
  • ClubJenna (Adult)
  • Digital Playground (Adult)
  • Dimension Home Video
  • DreamWorks Animation
  • DreamWorks Pictures
  • First Look Home Entertainment
  • Focus Film Entertainment
  • Genius Products
  • MTV Films
  • Nickelodeon Movies
  • Paramount Home Entertainment
  • Pink Visual (Adult)
  • PolyGram Entertainment
  • Rogue Pictures
  • Universal Pictures Home Video
  • Weinstein Company
  • Wicked Pictures (Adult)

There are also several studios that offer backing to both HD formats, and they include:

  • Brentwood
  • Discovery Channel
  • Goldhil
  • HBO
  • Image Entertainment
  • Koch Releasing
  • Magnolia Home Entertainment
  • New Line Home Entertainment
  • Ryko Distribution
  • Studio Canal
  • Vivid (Adult)
  • Warner Brothers/Group

Gaming Support

Microsoft's Xbox 360 can be upgraded to playback HD DVD movies by purchasing the HD DVD add-on drive (which also doubles as a HD DVD-ROM drive for the PC). Currently, the HD DVD add-on drive is the most sold accessory for the Xbox 360.

Technical Details

HD DVD Specifications
Laser Type: Blue-violet laser
Laser Wavelength: 405nm
Track Pitch: 0.40µm (HD DVD-ROM, DVD-R)
0.34µm (HD DVD-Rewritable)
Read Power: 0.50mW
Disc size: 120mm
    Single Layer: 15GB
    Dual Layer: 30GB
    Triple Layer: 45GB
Transfer Rate: 1x => 36.55 Mbps
Video Resolution: 1080i (1920x1080 HD, 50i, 60i)
1080p (1920x1080 HD, 24p)
720p (1280x720, 50p, 60p, 24p)
SD (720x576/480, 50i, 60i)
Video Compression: MPEG-2
Microsoft VC-1
Audio Resolution/Compression: Dolby Digital Plus (DD+)
MLP 2-Channel
DTS-HD Lossless (optional)
Copy Protection AACS
File System: DF 2.6

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