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A comprehensive list of companies that release films on High Definition video formats. This list should be updated often.

On 19 February 2008, Toshiba announced the end of support for the HD DVD format, thus ensuring Blu-ray will be the victorious format in the Western HD format war.

It should be noted that this "war" is purely a "Western" issue. Both formats still thrive with major support in Asia, Eastern Europe and some parts Central Europe; including from companies that have declared Blu-Ray only support in the West. As of February 15th, the day after Wal-Mart's internal memo was leaked, HD-DVD is still supported but 200+ different distributors who all pledged to keep the new titles coming. HVD still outsells both HD-DVD and BluRay 3:1 in most of Asia. And DVD still has a strong hold everywhere. This was only the first round, with many more to come. Red-laser HD is not only NOT "failing" (Sony press releases) but is gaining, steadily. Holographic discs are leaving the research phase and entering the development and testing phase of their lifespan. So with Wal-Mart dropping HD-DVD, Americans are being forced to find other alternatives for the moment. LG, HP, and IBM/Lovono have all pledged to support the HD-DVD computer format of writable and re-writable discs.

For those early adopters your purchases were not waisted; as media blanks will still be available from many sources. There are dozens of programs out there to burn HD video (including Nero and Real Producer, both pledging to continue supporting the format), and many of the "download rental" sites will still carry the HD format for international releases. For those that support HD, rest assured that while They managed to sweep HD under the rug in the West, they couldn't kill it. HD will live on, not just internationally (VCD still outsells DVD in some locations), but in the West as well from independent studios refusing to pay Sony for distribution rights, "protection" rights, et al.


Exclusive support to Blu-ray

Of note: some of the companies listed below have declared their switch from HD to BluRay during early January 2008. Their switch to BluRay only will occur in the first quarter of 2008.

  • 20th Century Fox
  • Buena Vista (Partner of Sony)
  • Columbia Pictures
  • DeltaMac (International)
  • Dimension
  • Dimension Extreme
  • Digital Playground (Adult)
  • Disney
  • Dragon Dynasty
  • DreamWorks Animation/Pictures
  • First Look Home Entertainment
  • Focus Film Entertainment
  • Genius Products
  • Golden Culture (Europe)
  • Image Entertainment
  • Lionsgate
  • MGM (owned by Disney) (Partner of Sony)
  • Sony Pictures/Group
  • Tristar (Owned by Columbia/BMG) (Partner of Sony)
  • Universal Pictures Home Video
  • Warner Bros. (from May 2008)
  • Weinstein Company
  • Wicked Pictures (Adult)

Exclusive support for High Definition DVD

Several movie studios offer exclusive support to HD DVD, meaning they will not release any movies on Blu-ray:

  • Mavric Entertainment Distribution (UK)
  • Shaw Media Group (China [mainland])

Support for both formats

There are also several studios that offer backing to both HD formats, and they include:

  • Bang Bros (Adult)
  • Brentwood
  • Celestial Media Distribution Home Video (China/Hong Kong/Japan/Korea)
  • ClubJenna (Adult)
  • Discovery Films
  • Distributed Media International (USA)
  • Goldhil
  • IMAX Film Group
  • Koch Releasing
  • LaserActive
  • LD Asia
  • Long Shong Ltd (China/Korea)
  • Magnolia Home Entertainment
  • Mei Ah (Asia)
  • New Line Home Entertainment
  • Pink Visual (Adult)
  • PolyGram Entertainment
  • Rogue Pictures
  • Ryko Distribution
  • Shaw Media Group (South, South-East Asia/Hong Kong)
  • Studio Canal
  • Thai Sen (Asia)
  • Universal Laser (Asia) (East Europe)
  • Vivid (Adult)


Companies that currently support the Asian HVD format include:

  • Universal Laser
  • Leisuretime Interactive (Adult)
  • IMAX Film Group
  • Shaw Media Group (Asia)
  • DeltaMac


Companies that are releasing films on WIN-HD discs include:

  • Discovery Films
  • Starz Media
  • Mavric Entertainment Distribution (UK)
  • IMAX Film Group
  • Shaw Media Group (Asia)