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Media Player Classic: Hints and Tips

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This short guide shows you some hints and tips for using Media Player Classic.


Enabling VMR-9 Rendering

A feature that not many people know about is Media Player Classic's ability to use a different video renderer that may produce better quality pictures.

By enabling VMR-9 (Video Mixing Renderer) video rendering, which is only available if you have DirectX 9 installed, you can even apply 3D effects such as anti-aliasing to the video output.

To enable VMR-9 rendering, start Media Player Classic (the "HomeCinema" edition of MPC is used, and some of the options below are only available in this version) and access the options window by right clicking on the playback area and selecting "Options" (press by pressing to "O" key on your keyboard). Go to the "Playback" -> "Output" area and change these settings (you may need to restart MPC for the changes to take effect):

Media Player Classic: Playback Output Settings

DirectShow Video: Change to VMR9 (renderless), this enables VMR-9 output which supports subtitling, and may also offer overlay video mirroring. Enabling this unlocks some more VMR9 settings

Surface: Change to 3D surfaces

Resizer: You can change this to Bilinear (PS 2.0) if your video card supports Pixel Shader 2.0, or one of the Bicubic modes to give you a sharper image when the video is resized.

Direct3D Fullscreen: Enabling this option will make video playback fullscreen, which avoids some tearing problems (have vsync on).

VMR9 mixer mode: Have this enabled.

YUV Mixing: Enable this for slight performance gain, but at the expense of some VMR options. See YUV Mixing Mode @ msdn for more information.

Lock back-buffer: Enabling this might solve broken vsync problems

Fixing Splitter Issues

If you are using Haali Media Splitter or another custom splitter, Media Player Classic might not be set up to use this splitter, and instead, might be relying on it's own built in set of (older) splitters. To fix this problem, access the options window (right click on main playback area and select "Options", or pressing the "O" key on your keyboard), go to the "Internal Filters" and in the "Source Filters" list, disable the media formats for which you have already installed a new splitter for.

For example, if you installed Haali Media Splitter, you can disable AVI, Matroska, MP4, Ogg, and MPEG TS to force Haali to be used in MPC, as opposed to the built in filters.

Media Player Classic: Internal Filter Settings