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VBM Variable Bitrate Media format

VBM files are use almost exclusively by 'power editors' in the consumer world; however it is a common standard in filming for digital entertainment; spicifically used by ILM (Lucas) and Chao Digital Studio Processing (Chinese film/production attatchment company that helps develop films in HVD).

It is nearly identical to AVI except with all limitations removed and is always used to hold either two or three streams. Audio and Video are held in pure raw uncompressed form. The video will be tagged RGB/RCM representing the raw format with the audio often having the RAW or RAWA extension. Also available in some cases are an SUB file. Distribution is extremely limited as the files are often in excess of 100GB to many Terabytes. This is also the format used for Digital IMAX projectors. There is no limit on the bitrate of any portion of format.

In most cases playback is capable in Apple's QuickTime on Mac OSX, Windows Media Player 11 in Windows, and BSPlayer/VLC Player on Windows and Linux. Playback quality is limited only by the user's hardware restrictions.

VirtualDub and VirtualDubMod are both capable of processing input (change extension to avi) and output of VBM files; however the quality of a file can NEVER be better than the source in a direct transfer.