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VirtualDub Screenshot

VirtualDub is an open source video editing, encoding and capturing tool primarily designed for AVI files.

Digital Digest Software Page:

List of VirtualDub related articles on Digital Digest.

Official Home Page:

Modified Versions

Because VirtualDub is open source, there are numerous modified versions of it. These two represent the most well known "mods":

DigiWiki Pages

Useful Shortcut Keys

  • Ctrl+O: Open
  • F7: Save as AVI
  • F4: Job Control
  • Ctrl+Left: Skip to beginning of video
  • Ctrl+Right: Skip to end of video
  • Shift+Left : Skip to previous keyframe
  • Shift+Right: Skip to next keyframe
  • Ctrl+Shift+Left: Skip to previous scene
  • Ctrl+Shift+Right: Skip to next scene
  • Ctrl+F: Video Filter settings
  • Ctrl+R: Video Framerate settings
  • Ctrl+P: Video Compression settings
  • Ctrl+I: Audio Interleaving