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Adding a new glossary term

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1. If there is already a link to a page that hasn't been created yet, you can click on that link and you will automatically be taken to the editing page. If there is no link, you can create a new page by modifying the URL:

For example, to create a new glossary entry for "New Word", browse to the following URL:

(spaces are replaced by the underscore _ character)

2. On the editing page, type in the description for the word. If you wish to link to other glossary entries, highlight the text and press the Image:button_link.gif editing button, or put the text in between square brackets (for example, see [[MPEG-1]] in the screenshot below).


3. At the end of text, add in [[Category:Glossary]] to automatically add this word to the Category:Glossary page (see screenshot above).

4. Press the "Save page" button to save the page.

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