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Convert Any Video to DVD

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Convert Any Video to DVD

Duh; it's not done yet!  :D This guide is for Windows XP/VISTA only. Sorry. Two things of note; this is not a guide to free only utilities; nor is it intended for standard AVI/MP4 files and the like (though it works for them as well). This is for the more off-the-beaten-track files and harder to handle formats such as Real Media and FLASH videos among others.

What you will need

  • The full K-lite Mega Codec package
  • Ultra Video Converter
  • iPod Video Converter Jodix Free
  • VirtualDub/VirtualDubMod
  • MP4Cam2AVI_v2.51 Beta
  • Nero Ultra Enhanced 7/ Ultra 8

Make sure that, with the exception of MP4Cam2AVI_v2.51, you get the latest of each version. Install each package and RESTART the computer after each install. K-Lite by default doesn't do a full install. Scroll through and select something for each category. Better safe than sorry. Make sure that every time FFDShow is an option you select that as the primary. You will also want to select LAME encoders where it is avalable. There is a reason for this; more on it later.

Step One, setup all your software

Step Two, Convert everything to basic DivX

Step Three, Run everything through VirtualDub

VirtualDub has some amazing side-effects. |I doubt it was ever intended but with certian settings you can create a Nero-ready file AND solve any damaged file errors all at once.

Step Four, Create Your DVD in Nero

Step Five, Burn You DVD