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EVD (Enhanced Versatile Disc, Extended Video Disc)



EVD is developed individually in China, as an optical memory medium of the digital video recordings type primarily for Asian use.


EVD uses an optical storage medium in CD size (120 mm) that is physically a DVD disc with the same UDF file system. China started development on EVD in 1999, because DVD Video protections costs were relatively high — reportedly in the range of $13–$20 USD per hardware video player. Since the existing copy protections are publicly and governmentally ridiculed as being useless and overly-controlling, as well as over priced; the Chinese government sponsored a private alternatively.

Development was started from 1999 under support of the Chinese government, the Sea Group and by the Beijing national numeric technology (TCL group)


Video picture is encoded and displayed at 1080i or 720p with data stored up to (recently) as high as 19Mbs.

Also the standard which is called EVD2 exists which is a 'sister' to the HVD standard, originally EVD it does not have compatibility but the changes in the EVD2 MPEG codec allowed for full compatibility with all Asian High Definition (A-HD) certified players, including the HVD players.

Some EVDs can be played in standard DVD players.

Notable Films To Date

  • Black mask 2
  • ママズ
  • HERO ディレクターズカット
  • LOVERS year
  • New Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
  • Space (IMAX)
  • Africa (IMAX)

All are also avalable on HVD in the same format/resolution.

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