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Folding@Home GPU GUI Install

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This short guide shows you how to install the GPU accelerated GUI (Graphical) version of Folding@Home, and to set it up so you can joing The DVF Grim Rippers Folding Team.

Please note that the GPU accelerated version of Folding@Home only works with ATI Radeon X16xx, X18xx and X19xx range of GPUs, and that 512 MB of video memory is recommended (although the 256 MB version of the Radeon X1950 Pro works well).

First, follow the instructions on our main Folding@Home GUI Install page - when you reach the end, quit the Folding@Home application.

Go to the official Folding@Home download page and download the "Windows XP/Vista GPU client GUI version" - when saving the download, browse to the directory where Folding@Home is installed (by default "c:\Program Files\Folding@Home") and ovewrite the "winFAH.exe" file (you may want to first make a copy of the original). This will replace the standard version of Folding@Home with the GPU accelerated version, and then you can run Folding@Home as you normally would.