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High Definition Studios

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A comprehensive list of companies that release films on High Definition video formats. This list should be updated often.


Exclusive support to Blu-ray

  • 20th Century Fox
  • Buena Vista (Partner of Sony)
  • Columbia Pictures
  • Tristar (Owned by Columbia/BMG) (Partner of Sony)
  • Disney
  • Lionsgate
  • MGM (owned by Disney) (Partner of Sony)
  • Sony Pictures/Group
  • Warner Bros. (from May 2008)

Exclusive support for High Definition DVD

Several movie studios offer exclusive support to HD DVD, meaning they will not release any movies on Blu-ray:

  • Bang Bros (Adult)
  • ClubJenna (Adult)
  • Digital Playground (Adult)
  • Dimension Home Video
  • DreamWorks Animation/Pictures
  • First Look Home Entertainment
  • Focus Film Entertainment
  • Genius Products
  • MTV Films
  • Nickelodeon Movies
  • Paramount Home Entertainment
  • Pink Visual (Adult)
  • PolyGram Entertainment
  • Rogue Pictures
  • Universal Pictures Home Video
  • Weinstein Company
  • Wicked Pictures (Adult)
  • Thai Sen (Asia)
  • Shaw Media Group (Asia)
  • DeltaMac (England)

Support for both formats

There are also several studios that offer backing to both HD formats, and they include:

  • Brentwood
  • Discovery Films
  • Goldhil
  • HBO
  • Image Entertainment
  • Koch Releasing
  • Magnolia Home Entertainment
  • New Line Home Entertainment
  • Ryko Distribution
  • Studio Canal
  • Vivid (Adult)
  • Warner Brothers/Group (only until May 2008)
  • LD Asia
  • LaserActive
  • Golden Culture (Europe)
  • DeltaMac (International)
  • Mei Ah (Asia)
  • Distributed Media International (USA)
  • Universal Laser (Asia) (East Europe)
  • IMAX Film Group
  • Long Shong Ltd (China/Korea)


Companies that currently support the Asian HVD format include:

  • Universal Laser
  • Leisuretime Interactive (Adult)
  • IMAX Film Group
  • Shaw Media Group (Asia)
  • DeltaMac


Companies that are releasing films on WIN-HD discs include:

  • Discovery Films
  • Starz Media
  • Mavric Entertainment Distribution (UK)
  • IMAX Film Group
  • Shaw Media Group (Asia)