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IFO (InFOrmation) files are part of the DVD (video) file structure. They contain navigational information, such as chapter stops and stream locations.

The IFO file is comprised of a number of sections:

  • MAT (either VMGM_MAT or VTSI_MAT). This is the information management table and contains summary information of the DVD and the VTS including video (4:3 or 16:9; NTSC or PAL etc), audio and sub-picture attributes.
  • PTT_SRPT - For each VTS, this is the chapter table. For the video manager, it is the Title Play Map Table, which shows the start sectors of each Video Title Set, and for each VMG title:
    • the titleset it is in and title number within the titleset
    • the number of angles and chapters
    • parental management information
    • prohibited user operations for the title.
  • PGCI - these are tables containing all the Program Chain (PGC) information for the titles and menus. This is very detailed and shows:
    • number of programs and cells
    • playback time of the PGC (in binary coded decimal format)
    • prohibited user operations for the particular PGC
    • audio and sub-picture stream information
    • colour Lookup Table (CLUT) in YCrCb format
    • VM navigational commands (pre, post and cell)
    • program map (matching programs to cells)
    • Cell information - entry and last sector information, cell flags (seamless, discontinuity etc), cell playback time, still time and associated cell command number (if any), interleave information and which VCID is associated with each cell
  • TMAPI - the time maps of each title PGC within each VTS
  • C_ADT - cell information for both menus and titles domains, including start and end sectors for each Vob-Cell ID
  • VOBU_ADMAP - address maps showing the start sector of each VOB Unit (a VOBU is about 0.5 seconds of video) for both menus and titles domains

The following tables are present in VIDEO_TS.IFO only:

  • VTS_ATRT - VTS attrributes, which includes the number of VTSs on the DVD and the number and description of each of the audio and sub-picture streams in each VTS
  • PTL_MAIT - parental management information
  • TXTDT_MG - text data manager information (eg name of DVD, company identifier)

Most of these tables have a number of pointers to other tables and to parts within the tables. These pointers are often corrupted by poor authoring programs or by advanced encryption schemes.

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