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Media Player Classic Screenshot

Media Player Classic (MPC) is an open source multimedia/DVD player that was designed with simplicity in mind. It was created as an alternative to Windows Media Player, which had undergone a design change that took it away from the simple and light classic interface that was present in early versions. MPC was created so that those who wanted to keep on using the classic interface, as well as enjoy the advanced features that newer players offered.


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Modified Versions

Because Media Player Classic is open source, there are numerous modified versions of it. The most popular modified version, and the one that is bundled with several codec packs, such as K-Lite Codec Pack, is the "HomeCinema" edition of MPC. It includes several additional features, such as anti-tearing options, some OSD functions (eg. display remaining time), Shuttle PN31 remote control support and more...:

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Useful Shortcut Keys

  • Ctrl+Q: Quick Open Files
  • Ctrl+O: Open
  • Ctrl+I: Save Image
  • Ctrl+L: Load Subtitles
  • Shift+F10: File Properties
  • Alt+Return: Fullscreen Mode
  • Space: Play/Pause
  • .(Period): Stop
  • Left/Right: Frame Backwards/Forwards
  • Ctrl+Up: Increase playback rate
  • Ctrl+Down: Decrease playback rate
  • Ctrl+R: Rest playback rate
  • Alt+T: DVD Title Menu
  • Alt+R: DVD Root Menu