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A SUB file is a timed file containing a series of picture-cells that are displayed over a video file; most often in a VOB or MPG file though also used by Nero in their NeroDigital and Nero HD format.


Although no official standard of modifications to the file format have be published SUB files have gone through three obvious revisions with various updates throughout it's history. The original version of the SUB file was developed for use on DVDs and existed in three colours and three timings.

Version 1


  • Grey was used for Closed Captioning For The Hearing Impaired text.
  • White was used for standard text in Asia and Eastern Europe
  • Yellow was commonly used in Western countries
  • Pictures were timed to one of three setting; NTSC or PAL on DVDs and also in SECAM when used in the VOB files created by early versions of Microsoft PowerPoint and Quark Video Presentation

Version 2

Developed between years 1999 and 2000 Colour palates were expanded to 48-bit usage as developed by Texas Instruments in conjunction with the MPEG group. Timing for SECAM became standard

Version 3

This is the current iteration of the SUB format that became commonplace in 2006. It is a nearly-open standard that has removed timing requirements and allowed a script header to set the timing against non-DVD information files. This is used for HDDVD and HVD files as well as on SVCD-S discs from Japan and Hong Kong that allow removable Subtitles; and also as being used on modern LaserDisc videos.


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