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JR Clark, aka LostInLODOS. I am a budding activist/politician and civil-liberties advocate. I am capable of fluently reading/writing more than 20 languages and have a strong interest in international lifestyles and policy.

I have an extensive background in computers, video games, and movies. I own most of the major video game consoles and an extensive movie library of more than 3000 DVDs and VCDs and over 500 VHS/Beta tapes, as well as a growing number of Asian-specific formats such as CVD and HVD movies.

I also write articles for four different international print electronics magazines as well as numerous online columns and now have two books pending publication; one an in-depth (nearly 3000 page) review of the history of audio and video media formats (not yet completed) and the other a complete history of video games (3 volumes running nearly 2000 pages each), including technically detailed information of every system and respective game that has come about since 1969 (finished 11, 2007).