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VirtualDub Screenshot

VirtualDub is an open source video editing, encoding and capturing tool primarily designed for AVI files.


Useful Links

Modified Versions

Because VirtualDub is open source, there are numerous modified versions of it. These two represent the most well known "mods":

DigiWiki Pages

Useful Shortcut Keys

  • Ctrl+O: Open
  • F7: Save as AVI
  • F4: Job Control
  • Ctrl+Left: Skip to beginning of video
  • Ctrl+Right: Skip to end of video
  • Shift+Left : Skip to previous keyframe
  • Shift+Right: Skip to next keyframe
  • Ctrl+Shift+Left: Skip to previous scene
  • Ctrl+Shift+Right: Skip to next scene
  • Ctrl+F: Video Filter settings
  • Ctrl+R: Video Framerate settings
  • Ctrl+P: Video Compression settings
  • Ctrl+I: Audio Interleaving